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The Mexican food industry is on the lookout for energy efficient solutions

18.05.2016  17:22
The Trade Council invites Danish companies to Mexico to present energy efficient solutions to the food industry.

The Trade Council invites Danish companies to a two-day market visit in Mexico on the 29-30th of September 2016. The participating companies will get a unique insight into the opportunities in the Mexican food industry and will be introduced to several of the biggest players on the market.


The companies will get the opportunity to participate in a seminar about energy management, organized jointly by the Trade Council and the Mexican Commission on Energy Efficiency (CONUEE), as well as participate in site visits at one or several food companies.


The market visit is convened in the wake of a range of studies about potential energy savings in the production of four Mexican frontrunners within the food industry. These have been carried out by Danish experts in the context of the energy cooperation scheme between Denmark and Mexico. Among other things, the results show that the Mexican companies can save up to 60% of energy consumption in the production. This has given rise to a strong demand for energy-saving solutions from Mexican side.


The project is a step on Mexico’s way towards decreasing CO2 emissions and to fulfill the national goal of 35% renewable energy by 2024.


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