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Residence and work permit for Denmark

If you wish to lodge an application for a residence and work permit for Denmark from Mexico or our accredited countries please read the information below carefully. 

Enquiries about residence and work permits

All enquiries about residence and work permits for Denmark should be addressed to the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico City. All applications from Mexico and our accredited countries will be processed through this office. The staff at the other Danish Consulates in Mexico and accredited countries cannot be expected to answer enquiries about residence and work permits.

For information about living and working in Denmark use the link to Work in Denmark.

Finding the right application form

In the right column you can download the Danish Immigration Service's Form Guide with links to all the application forms for residence and work permits for Denmark. Please use the guide to download the appropriate application form.

Each individual form comes with step-by-step instructions. However the forms have been designed for lodgement directly with the Immigration Service in Denmark and therefore they do not mention the additional requirements when you lodge your application with a Danish mission abroad. We therefore kindly ask you to read the following carefully and use our checklists at the bottom of the page before you lodge your application.

Lodging your application

It is a requirement that you lodge your application IN PERSON directly with the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico.  Applications can no longer be lodged at the Danish Consulates in Mexico or in our accredited countries.

Please call the Embassy ahead to make an appointment.

Lodging the application in duplicate

Please provide two sets of the complete application including the application form and all documentation. The second set can be a photo copy of the original set. The Embassy of Denmark in Mexico will keep the second set of your application on file while forwarding the original to the Immigration Service in Copenhagen.

As the Embassy does not provide photo copying service you are required to provide two sets of the complete application upon lodgement.

Passport photos

The passport photos to accompany the application must comply with specifications listed here. Please also note that for the second set of the application only one passport photo is required.


The Embassy of Denmark in Mexico forwards all applications to the Danish Immigration Service in Copenhagen for processing. Once the Danish Immigration Service has reached a decision they will forward the written approval or refusal (a letter) to the Embassy of Denmark who in turn will notify the applicant.

Third-country citizens who require a visa to enter Denmark will in addition to the written approval letter also be issued a long-stay visa for Denmark in their passport. The Embassy of Denmark in Mexico will issue this visa. The visa allows them to enter Denmark and upon arrival they must obtain a residence card from the Danish Immigration Service.

To check whether a citizen is visa exempt or not please press this link.

If the Danish Immigration Service refuses your application, a letter of refusal will be sent to you.

For processing times see the information on the Danish Immigration Service's website.

Follow up

If you wish to follow up on your application after it has been lodged, please contact the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico.

Original passport

You must present your original passport upon lodgement of your application. Your passport must be valid for three months longer than your intended stay.

If you are a Third-country citizen who require a long-stay visa to enter Denmark you can choose to include your original passport with the application, if you do not require your passport while the application is being processed. Your original passport will be kept with the copy of your file at the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico. Once the permit has been granted the Embassy will issue a long-stay visa in your passport and return your passport to you.

If you do NOT wish to enclose your original passport with your application the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico will contact you when the permit has been granted. You must then present or forward your original passport to the Embassy in order to have the long-stay visa issued.

To check whether a citizen is visa exempt or not please press this link.


Please see this link for a list of fees.