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DAMM Cellular

Product Presentation Event

On Monday 5 of September 2011, the Danish Ambassador to Mexico, Susanne Rumohr Hækkerup, welcomed commissionaires and company representatives involved in communication, technology, and public safety to the Danish residence for a demonstration and reception for the Danish company Damm Cellular Systems.

This leading Danish technology company presented their TETRA based professional mobile radio (PMR) communications. Denmark, along with all the other EU countries, utilizes TETRA technologies in the public safety networks, including the armed forces, military airports, and fire fighting, for two main reasons: security measures and reliability. DAMM’s world renowned TETRA radio systems have a long history of proven technologies that are simple, flexible, and of high quality.

When the Damm Cellular Systems executives returned to Denmark, we received a note from their colleagues ‘[the executives] have expressed their very high satisfaction with the embassy event. Thank you very much for your support to make this happen.’