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Mission statement

The Danish Embassy in Mexico is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our mission is to be working for Denmark’s interest and values in relation to the world around us in a way that promotes the freedom, safety and welfare of the Danes while also promoting a fairer world with development and economic growth for all.

Our Vision

In our daily work we are guided by the following vision:

• Denmark must have a central place in international cooperation and the Embassy, hence, strives to be a most trusted partner of our Mexican counterparts in government. This is essential in order to work for Danish interests and values.

• The foreign policies of Denmark and its values must be actively and openly shared with our Mexican partners. 

• Assisting Danes in distress abroad. Danes in distress abroad have to have effective assistance from the Danish Embassy in Mexico City and its consulates.

• Promoting Danish business in Mexico. The Embassy must be a most relevant and qualified business partner for Danish companies wanting to invest in and export to Mexico.

• We at the Embassy want to be seen as competent, effective, outgoing and service minded in our contact with others.