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Health Sector Cooperation

The sector cooperation in health focuses on strengthening primary healthcare and access to medicines, by supporting the Mexican development plans for the healthcare sector.

Several major development challenges are threatening Mexico’s healthcare system, including: a) a shift in disease burden from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases including mental illnesses, b) inequality in access to quality health services and medicines deriving from a fragmented healthcare system characterised by several providers of healthcare, and c) incoherence in primary healthcare.

The Mexican government has made it a priority to promote and guarantee effective, universal and free access for the population to health services, social assistance
and medicines, and the Danish or Nordic model is often referred to as an inspiration.  

The development of a strong primary healthcare is an essential element in the government’s national development plan for the health sector, which aims to ensure equal
access to healthcare, quality of care and cost-effectiveness.

In accordance with the Mexican government’s priorities, the objectives of the second phase of the Strategic Sector Cooperation is to strengthen the primary healthcare
and improve access to medicines, which are central challenges in the Mexican health sector.

These are areas where Danish health authorities and other partners can offer relevant competences and experiences, and where there is a potential for building up a strong,
equal and lasting partnership between Denmark and Mexico. Read more about the Ministry of Health's Government Cooperation here.

Embassy of Denmark in Mexico

Tres Picos 43, Col. Polanco,
Mexico, D.F., C.P. 11580 
+52 (55) 5255 3405


Amila Zekovic Sheikh

Counsellor (Health)