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Danish driver's license

Driver’s License

As of January 1, 2017 only persons with habitual residence in Denmark can apply for renewal or replacement of their Danish driver’s license at a Danish mission abroad. Habitual residence means the country where the person stays at least 185 days in one calendar year. This restriction does not apply to international driving licences.

Persons holding a Danish driver’s licence, who are on holiday abroad – but still have their habitual residence in Denmark – can apply for renewal or replacement at a Danish embassy or consulate.

In the United States, persons who have obtained a Danish driving licence and who do not have habitual residence in Denmark, must apply for a U.S. driver’s license at their local motor vehicle administration (DMV or MVA).  You may request a declaration from the Danish police authorities to confirm that you hold a valid Danish license. This declaration can be obtained by sending a written application to:

 The National Commissioner of Police ("Rigspolitiet")

 Administrationsafdelingen, Pas og Kørekort
 Polititorvet 14
 DK-1780 København V



You may also contact the Embassy of Denmark or nearest Danish consulate to request a translation of your Danish license.

Form for duplication or renewal of driver's license (pdf, Danish Municipalities)

International Driver’s License

International driver’s licenses are issued upon presentation of a Danish EU driving license of the credit card type or a valid passport. An international driving license is valid for one year.

Form for requesting international driver's license (pdf, Danish municipalities)

Provisional Driver’s License

If the driver’s license is lost while on holiday, a Danish Diplomatic or Consular Mission may – after having checked with the Office for Driving Licenses (Kørekortkontoret) – issue a statement to the effect that the person is the holder of a valid Danish driving license as well as the type of license.

See the list of Danish Representations in the Us in the About us section.