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If you are travelling via The United States

The authorities of the United States demands that all Passports issued after 26 October 2004, are legible (computerized reading) and after 26 October 2006 are biometric for permitting entry without visa under the Visa Waiver programme. For more information, see this link.

Danish Passports issued after 1 March 1997 are legible for machines. This means that there is no need for changing the passport if you have a passport issued after this date when travelling to the United States.

When travelling with an emergency passport and if during this travel you will have to pass the U.S., this document will not be accepted even though you have a transit visa. As the emergency passports are not biometric or legible for machines, they are not covered by the “Visa Waiver” programme of the United States, which normally permits entry without visa.