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Green Frontline Mission

The Danish Embassy in Mexico has been designated as a Green Frontline Mission by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can read more about the Embassy's work and specific initiatives as a Green Frontline Mission as well as about the Danish Government's priorities within climate and sustainability below.

Strategic Partnership

Denmark and Mexico have signed a strategic partnership agreement. In second half of 2020, a joint strategic action plan was drafted, a plan focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG), climate, a sustainable green transition and development across all areas of the government-to-government cooperation. The draft action plan will be included in the high-level political consultations with the Mexican Government in 2021. The action plan, that will define a number of key activities, will be signed in 2021. 

The Embassy as a Green Frontline Mission 

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a strong advocate for a more sustainable world and aims to become one of the world's five most sustainable foreign services. In order to deliver on the Danish Government's global climate ambitions and promote green solutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated 20 embassies as Green Frontline Missions. 

As one of the Danish Green Frontline Missions, the Danish Embassy in Mexico works to share Danish experiences within sustainability and green energy, as well as to promote Danish business and sustainable technology. In practice, the embassy has entered into a number of important collaborations which set the framework for supporting Mexico in their green transition, conducting business delegations, creating high-level business-to-business seminars and positioning the Danish business community, green technology and strongholds. This includes:

  • Close collaboration with the Mexican Government and a number of selected states, including Nuevo León, Tabasco and Jalisco.
  • Strategic collaboration with several of the largest Danish companies through our Sustainability Group.
  • Close collaboration with our important strategic partner, the Confederation of Danish Industry.
  • Close collaboration with several major Mexican business organizations
  • Partnership with P4G (Partnership for Green Growth and Global goals 2030) . 

The Embassy, together with the Danish Energy Agency, has had a government-to-government collaboration with Mexico since July 2014 working to implement their climate and energy policy. Relevant Mexican and Danish ministries and institutions work closely together to support Mexico's transition towards a greener economy. In addition to the government collaboration within climate and energy, the Embassy furthermore has government-to-government sector collaborations within health and food & agriculture, where the sustainability agenda also plays an important role in the collaboration.

Based on these strong collaborations and networks, the Embassy works to promote the Danish government's priorities within the green transition and helps to create a global green footprint. The work as a Green Frontline Mission also helps to create jobs, both in Denmark and Mexico, as well as to strengthen Danish exports.

As a Green Frontline Mission, the Embassy in Mexico has completed a renovation of the Embassy, where sustainability is considered in both the design and choice of furniture. For example, the kitchen is made of recycled wood and the garden furniture is made of recycled plastic waste from the ocean.

Denmark's Climate Ambitions

In 2020, the Danish Parliament passed Denmark's first climate law. With a legally binding goal of reducing Denmark's greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the Climate Act sets a clear direction for Denmark's green transition. In order to reach the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees Celsius, increased global ambitions and actions are needed. Denmark aims to be a green frontrunner who can inspire the rest of the world and show that the green transition goes hand in hand with economic growth. Denmark has the experience and the green solutions and thus we have a unique opportunity to contribute with solutions towards the global climate challenges. 

Watch a video about Denmark's green transition here.

An example of the implementation of Denmark's climate ambitions is a broad political agreement from February 2021 to build the world's first energy island which will be established 80 kilometers out in the North Sea. The energy island will be laid out as an actual artificial island that will collect and distribute the power from surrounding offshore wind farms. The island will initially have a capacity of 3 GW and be able to cover the electricity consumption of 3 million European households. It will eventually be expanded to 10 GW. Read more about the energy island here.

Another example of Denmark's global climate ambitions is a study prepared in collaboration between the Danish Energy Agency and the Mexican Institute for Environment and Climate Change (INECC). The study shows the potential to cut Mexico's CO2 emissions by 63 million tonnes per year by 2050 if the country integrates electricity storage optimally into its energy system. The reduction corresponds to almost double the Danish CO2 emissions from energy consumption today. Read more about the studio here.