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Climate and Energy Cooperation

Since July 2014, Denmark has worked through an energy sector program with Mexico to support the delivery of their climate and energy policies. Mexican and Danish ministries and institutions work closely to accelerate Mexico's transition to a greener economy

The energy program delivers on the Danish government's climate and energy priorities by supporting the green transition in Mexico, building on Danish strongholds in renewable energy integration and energy efficiency. The program is coordinated by the Danish Energy Agency in close collaboration with the Embassy’s energy sector advisor, with a focus on creating synergies in relation to the Embassy's other activities.

The first two phases of the energy program from 2014-2017 and 2017-2020 focused on wind energy, energy efficiency and bioenergy, while the third phase, implemented between 2021-2025, aims to strengthen capacity of Mexican authorities with regards to energy sector modelling and scenario planning, energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy in the power grid.

As part of the program, a long-term advisor is positioned in the Ministry of Environment, SEMARNAT and an energy sector advisor is employed at the Embassy in Mexico City to coordinate cooperation between the Embassy, the Danish Energy Agency, Mexican federal and local authorities, the Trade Council and other international organisations and partners.

The ongoing third phase of the program consists of three parts. The first part of the program aims to strengthen the capacity of the SEMARNAT to use scenario modelling in the development of climate change strategies and climate policies. The second part of the program focuses on energy efficiency efforts, working with federal authorities as well as regional energy agencies in the large states of Jalisco and Nuevo León, with a view to improve energy efficiency in industry and buildings to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The third part of the program is a collaboration between the Mexican and Danish transmission system operators, CENACE and Energinet, with a view to strengthening Mexico’s opportunities for integrating increasing amounts of variable renewable energy into the electricity grid.

In summary, the program supports Mexico in achieving its ambitious climate and energy goals, which has been adopted under the Paris Agreement and Mexico’s National Energy Restructuring Act.

For further information, contact the Embassy’s Energy Sector Advisor Mads Knudsen [email protected] or see more here.

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