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Read more about how to obtain a visa to Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland or Sweden here

for more information about schengen visa applications for denmark, greenland, faroe islands, sweden or iceland:

(Find more information about what a Schengen visa is and if you need a Schengen Visa at; )

In order to start your application please go to ApplyVisa, here you will be applying for a Schengen Visa if our embassy is representing your country or the country you will be travelling to. Once you have applied online and made your online payment, you will be able to make an appointment for the delivery of your documents and recording of your biometrics at (These procedures do not take place at the Danish Embassy, they only take place at VFS Mexico City and no other parts of Mexico or side accredited countries of this embassy).

If you have had your Biometrics captured for a Visa Application within the past 59 months, you do NOT need to have them captured again for application purposes. You have to indicate this to VFSglobal before you send your documentation to them. Please confirm that your biometric data is in the database, by sending a request with your Visa Sticker number to: [email protected]. Please contact VFSglobal to arrange the submission of your documents and passport. 

Please stay informed on the current entry restrictions into Denmark, here: Entry into Denmark ( Please find information on entry restrictions to your country of destination with the relevant country’s authorities.

representation agreements suspended

In some countries, Denmark handles visa case processing on behalf of other Schengen countries. However, due to various entry restrictions, the representation agreements have been suspended until further notice - except for applications for Iceland (regarding visas and residence permits), and Norway (regarding residence permits). Please refer to the relevant countries' authorities for more information.

Other countries, likewise, handle Schengen Visa applications for Denmark, for example the Swedish Embassy in Cuba and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Jamaica. These representation agreements have also been suspended, thus applicants from these countries will have to apply for a Schengen Visa to Denmark through the Danish Embassy in Mexico.

Information about representation agreements can be found following this link.